J. Redmond Corporation provides excavation, especially new custom home sites, trucking, commercial snow plowing & sanding, full labor lines with specialty tools, pipe and utility work, water lines, septic systems, material deliveries, grading, and sub-contract work to custom builders and homeowners alike.

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Excavating, trucking and commercial snow removal are the core of J. Redmond Corporation.  We are proud of our long history of completing difficult site work, providing the best quality septic systems, water lines, and utilities for both commercial and residential developments. Here is a small sample of projects we are proud to have worked on. 



ACTON, Massachusetts


NARA is a 40-acre publicly-owned park located in Acton, Massachusetts.

NARA Park provides outdoor recreational space for Acton and surrounding towns.  Included at the Park is a man-made swimming pond with bath and restroom facilities, walking path, soccer fields, baseball diamond, and outdoor concert area.

J. Redmond Corp. completed all building foundations, utilities, septic system and grading.  The septic system was donated to the town of Acton by the generosity of
J. Redmond Corp.

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CONCORD, Massachusetts


Nashawtuc is a premier golf course located in Concord, Massachusetts.  Nashawtuc is well known for its yearly Champions Tour - Bank of America Championship.

J.Redmond Corp. installed the on-site septic system and constructed the parking areas.  Extensive blasting was required in order to complete the Nashawtuc project.

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WESTON, Massachusetts


Eighty-one Tyler Road is a multi-million dollar private home constructed by Barberry Homes of Wayland, Massachusetts.  This site was developed from the demolition of an existing home, which included removal of all utilities and septic system.

J. Redmond Corp. excavated for new cellar hole, installed new septic system, well lines and underground utilities.  All on-site runoff water is stored on site in keeping with town of Weston specifications.

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116/120 PLAIN RD  
WAYLAND, Massachusetts

For the 5,000 square foot new private home,  J.Redmond Corp. provided excavation for the cellar hole, and installed new drainage, on-site utilities, and new septic system.


Plain Road is a unique three-acre project constructed by C. B. Homes of Weston, Massachusetts, involving renovation of a 100 plus year old home as well as a new 5,000 sq./ft. multi-million dollar home on two adjacent parcels.

On #116, J. Redmond Corp. selectively demolished parts of the existing home, removed the concrete swimming pool and installed all new utilities and septic system. All on-site loam was saved, screened, and reused -- as it is on all our projects.

Good architectural planning of the driveways as well as grading was essential for this project, in order for the houses to look natural together on these lots.

All loam was screened for reuse.

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CONCORD, Massachusetts

Seventy-seven Westford Road - a multi-million dollar home constructed by E. A. Colangeli of Medford, Massachusetts. This is a very unique piece of land which involved demolition of the existing home, septic, and utilities.

J. Redmond Corp. had to blast the cellar hole 10 feet deep in order for the new home to be accommodated.  All ledge was hauled off site to preserve the integrity of the lot.  New septic system and utilities were installed for new house and out buildings.

A functioning organic farm is now run on the property.

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WESTON, Massachusetts

Skating Pond Road is a multi-million dollar residence in Weston, Massachusetts.  This was the second time J. Redmond Corp. performed a major site job at this address.  In the early 1980ís we demolished a small house.  At that time the site required extensive blasting for the large cellar hole, utility work, and septic system.

We were called back in 2003 after a major fire destroyed the residence. The house was totally demolished and hauled away; but the foundation had to be carefully kept in tact for reuse on the new home. A new water line and utilities were installed.  Due to new conservation regulations, all on-site run off water had to be collected and stored in a recharge system.

The original site was performed for Fine Homes Realty owned by Uliss Bourque. Site work for the most recent house was completed for his son, Charles Bourque.

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